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SPS Rakeback

Revolution Personal Rake Chase

April 01, 2014 00:00 AM

Race Period: 01 April 2014 to 30 April 2014

Prize Pool: Up to $2,250 per person

Race Details:

The beauty of this chase is that each player is in their own personal race!
This chase applies to the players at WinCake/EuroClub/Colt and Power Poker.

Simply rake as much as you can in the qualification period and get rewarded according to the table below.

There are 9 check points and you can earn up to $2,250 extra cash this month which is an extra 15% on top of the 36% Rakeback.

Checkpoint Rake Extra VIP Reward
1 $200 $20
2 $300 $30
3 $500 $50
4 $750 $75
5 $1,500 $150
6 $2,500 $250
7 $5,000 $500
8 $10,000 $1,500
9 $15,000 $2,250


The data we used is based on the 24 hour reports we get from the poker room. Players who finish in winning positions on our leader board will receive their prizes direct to their poker account on or before the 15th day of the following month. This Promotion is run in conjunction with 3 other rakeback affiliates.

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